Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You will have a certified/professional land agent representing you and your farming operation, looking after all of your needs in the oil & gas industry.
  2. Section 25 Management will reduce the stress of negotiating with oil & gas companies, as they will deal with us (who is representing you).
  3. You will have the luxury of dealing with just one company in all of your oil & gas negotiations, forming a comfort and trust that represents your needs and issues.
  4. We will take our agricultural experience and roots, combine them with 15 years of the oil & gas industry as a certified land agent, and look after your needs.

How does nothing sound to you? We will either invoice the oil & gas company directly or through you. It will depend on the oil & gas company and how they would like to see it invoiced to them. Section 25 Management will provide you a letter of engagement to sign, stating that you have given permission to Section 25 Management Limited to represent you and your operating in all negotiations.

The Panel considered the hearing, the submission, the Act, and the Surface Rights Board Rules in arriving at an award of costs. The Panel took guidance from the Surface Rights Board Rules which read as follows.

31 (2) In making an order for the payment of a party's costs, the Board may consider:

  1. the reasons for incurring costs;
  2. the complexity of the proceeding;
  3. the contribution of the representatives and experts retained;
  4. the conduct of the party in the proceeding;
  5. whether a party has unreasonably delayed or lengthened a proceeding;
  6. the degree of success in the outcome of a proceeding;
  7. the reasonableness of any costs incurred;
  8. any other factor the Board considers relevant.